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Eastern Wisdom, Western Soul
By Richard Singer

Author follows up his award-winning book, Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds of the Past and Present, with an even more illuminating examination of universal truth and the spiritual wisdom of the masters.

Rescuing America’s Democracy From Its Collapsing Morality
By Savannah Jordan

Insightful analysis of how the loss of virtues like self-control and self-reliance has led to hedonism and a collapsing morality in the United States.

Crescent City
By Chariss K. Walker

Fast-paced mystery/fantasy about a handsome avenging angel who decides who lives and dies in New Orleans and the intrepid female reporter who is on his case.

By What Is Sure to Follow
By Donald N. Burton

Exciting and insightful story about a veteran’s harrowing exploits in the Vietnam War and how he copes with PTSD when he returns home.

Dark, Love, and Light
By Marcus Brady

Creative and unique 21st century play about love and life’s journey written in verse with Shakespeare-style language.

Save the Males 4
By Richard F. Doyle

A provocative view of gender issues, family, and ethics analyzed from a male perspective.

Not in the Club
By Janet Pucino

An insightful account of an executive woman’s journey through the male-dominated world of business.

Defining Moments: Breaking
Through Tough Times

By Dorothea S. McArthur, PhD ABPP

Excellent self-help book for individuals who cannot afford psychotherapy and have been incapacitated by loss from natural disasters or economic hardship.

A Slot Machine Ate My
Midlife Crisis

By Irene Woodbury

Humorous, fun-filled story about a 45-year-old woman who chucks her life in Houston and decides to remain in Las Vegas after a bizarre girls’ weekend.

Say Not What If
By Andrew Friedman

Written as a long rhyming poem by a prisoner on death row, the story is an insightful examination of life and the realization that time is our most important commodity.

The Small Business
Guide (U.S Edition 2011)

By Owen O. Daniels

Comprehensive reference resource book for entrepreneurs who want to start up and run a small business.

Master Self-Publishing
By Owen O. Daniels

Excellent reference resource for anyone who wants to self-publish his or her own books.

The Great Singapore Penis
Panic and the Future of
American Mass Hysteria

By Scott D. Mendelson, M.D., Ph.D.

Amazing study of a 1967 Singapore epidemic regarding male genitalia and how it relates to future mass hysteria in the United States.

Super Life Secret Codes
By Great Sun

Illuminating discussion of life’s hardships and how to overcome them with love and gratitude.

Pain Pill Addiction: A
Prescription for Hope

By Jana Burson M.D.

Penetrating examination of drugs, drug abuse, and the most successful methods for treatment and recovery.

The Employee Rights

By Steven Mitchell Sack

Comprehensive and practical handbook written in layman’s language on the legal strategies employees can use to protect themselves in the workplace.

Bouncing Back From Loss
By Donna Marie Thompson Ph.D

Inspirational and informative account of how to deal with life’s setbacks and losses and transform the future to one’s advantage.

By Philip Kraske

Engaging political thriller about a young writer who stumbles onto the truth about a political election where both candidates are rocked by scandals.

A Pointed Death
By Kath Russell

Entertaining mystery thriller about a biotech consultant and her dog Skootch and how they become involved in the high stakes world of corporate trade secrets and murder.

Everything I Never
Wanted To Be

By Dina Kucera

A struggling comic’s poignant and often hilarious account of her family’s battle with alcoholism and drug addiction over four generations.

Enough for Us All
By Dorothy I. Riddle

Enlightening source book that uses quantum physics and metaphysics to help individuals attain personal transformation.

Frozen in Time
By Theodore Jerome Cohen

An exciting tale of greed, betrayal, and murder based on real events from the Antarctic continent.

Journey to Terra Incognita
By Gerald Shingleton

Thought-provoking metaphysical adventure that begins in 1950s California and ends in the jungles of Guatemala.

Goodnight, Brian
By Steven Manchester

Inspirational story about how a woman’s faith and unconditional love help her grandson to lead a normal life after he is poisoned by a toxic soy formula and given little hope by his doctors.

The Mine
By Daniel R. Cobb

Engaging thriller about an idealistic biologist who fights state corruption and corporate fraud perpetrated by a ruthless gold mining company.

The Friday Night Club
By Jacob Nelson Lurie

An irreverent coming of age story of a young man who must choose between continuing his hedonistic lifestyle or settling down and getting married.

The Entrepreneur Guide
U.S. 2010 Edition

By Owen O. Daniels

Comprehensive book filled with information and answers about everything one needs to start and maintain a business.

Golden’s Rule
By C. E. Edmonson

Compelling story about a modern-day girl battling cancer who finds inspiration by reading the diary of a 14-year-old slave girl from the 1800s.

A World Away: The
Quest of Dan Clay

By T.J. Smith

Exciting story in the tradition of The Chronicles of Narnia about a young man and his three friends who embark on an out-of-this world journey where they are hunted by savage beasts along the footpath to a demonic castle.

The Harrowing Escape:
The Quest of Dan Clay (Book II)

By T.J. Smith

The saga continues as Dan Clay and his companions continue their quest to locate Dan’s brother in a parallel world filled with savage beasts and half-man, half-serpent creatures.

By Maneesh Sharma

Fast-paced thriller about a predator with otherworldly talents who has a penchant for killing women and stealing fine art.

Soul’s Infarct
By Diamela Eltit & Paz Errazuriz

Unique and penetrating examination through text and photographs of love among marginalized individuals in a notorious Chilean psychiatric hospital.

A Worthy Legacy
By Tomi Akinyanmi

Touching and lyrical account about a dying Nigerian man and his practical wisdom for living life to the fullest.

Dangerous Liaisons
By Michael D’Ambrosio

(Science Fiction)
In this action-packed sequel to The Eye of Icarus, Lieutenant Will Saris and his new bride are caught in a web of treachery where no one, including the Space Fleet, can be trusted.

Shroud of Beckoning
By Deb Woody

Thought-provoking supernatural tale about a four-year-old who is possessed by a demonic spirit.

Shadows and Not
By Sara Brown

Soul-searching poetry anthology that illuminates the human condition.

America’s Suicidal Statecraft
By James Cumes

Well researched and documented examination of the self-destructive policies of the United States.

The Handkerchief
By Julian Stark

An intimate and probing love story that examines the breadth and depth of love and passion between two people.

The End of the 19th Century
By Eric Larsen

Imposing lyrical epic about a Midwestern family’s journey through time and space.

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A Simple Example of How the
Free Market Is Sucking the
Middle Class Dry

By John F. Miglio

OK, by this time you’ve read enough articles written by liberal and mainstream economists about how the middle class is being squeezed by the free market, how workers’ jobs are being outsourced and lost to automation, and how the disparity in wealth between the super rich and everyone else has reached epic proportions. You’ve also read the counter arguments proposed by die-hard libertarians and Ayn Rand acolytes who maintain that all of society’s ills stem from Big Government.

It’s been my experience that in order to truly understand a problem, you need to either live through it yourself, or understand it on a level that resonates with your own personal experience. So with this in mind, let’s analyze our current economic situation vis-à-vis a simple example that cuts through all the arguments and charts and statistics and gets to the heart of the matter.

Here’s the setup: Ten guys (or gals) are old friends who have been playing poker every Friday night for decades. Each one brings $100 to the game. Over the decades, every time they play, each player either wins a little or loses a little.

On the way home from the game, each player stops in his local bar, has a beer and a sandwich, and spends $20. As a result, the owners of ten bars count on making money every Friday night from their steady poker player patrons. It’s been that way for decades and the bar owners have become friends with their regular customers.

Everybody is happy. Then one day one of the players (we’ll call him Slick) serendipitously bumps into a professional poker player who shows him a foolproof trick to stack the odds in his favor and beat the average player at poker every time.

Although he is not convinced it will work, Slick takes his inside knowledge to the next game, and sure enough, he wins all the money ($900) from his fellow players (we’ll call them the Chumps). On the way home that night, instead of spending his usual $20 dollars at his local bar, Slick celebrates his good fortune and goes to a more upscale bar and spends $100. Then he goes home and stashes the remaining $800 under his mattress.

His fellow poker players, unfortunately, have lost all their money, so not only do they have less money to spend in the general economy for the next week, but they forgo their beer and sandwiches at their local bars and go directly home. Thus all nine of the bar owners don’t make any money on their regulars for that night.

Although Slick feels a little guilty at scamming his fellow players, greed gets the better of him, and he uses the same technique at their next game and rakes in another $900 as the Chumps lose all their money. Once again, Slick goes to the upscale bar after the game, drops a C-note, and stashes another $800 under his mattress when he gets home. And once again the Chumps spend less money in the general economy and skip their weekly beer and sandwiches at their local bars.

The third week produces the same outcome. By this time, the Chumps are pissed off and tapped out. Moreover, they can’t believe Slick is so lucky that he has won all their money three weeks in a row. When they accuse him of somehow rigging the game, Slick feigns innocence and says they’re just poor sports.

Now let’s freeze frame it here for a moment. In real life, the Chumps would either stop playing poker with Slick or beat the hell out of him and take their money back.

But this is a hypothetical situation and a metaphor for where we are right now in our economy. If you haven’t already guessed, Slick represents the upper one percent of the population that controls Wall Street and Corporate America. The Chumps represent the middle class, and the bar owners represent the general economy.

So, throughout the years, when all the players at the poker game were either winning or losing a little, the wealth was spread around and everyone prospered. But once Slick rigged the game in his favor, everyone else-with the exception of the upscale bar owner-lost out.

In addition, since Slick won cash and stashed the money under his mattress, he paid no tax on his winnings; plus he took his three weeks’ worth of winnings ($2,400) out of circulation in the general economy.

This represents how the super rich and large corporations in our country today stash their cash in places like the Cayman Islands to the tune of trillions of dollars-yes, trillions! And to make matters worse, they get away with paying little or no tax on it.

Thus the problem with our economy today is quite simple: The upper one percent has sucked the middle class dry while they have stashed their money offshore and left the general economy in a depressed state. And as long as the super rich and the corporate elite pay off the politicians to rig the tax code and economic policies so they can keep winning this rigged game, nothing will change.

Unfortunately, unlike the example of the nine losing poker players, American citizens cannot stop playing the game of free market capitalism or force the upper once percent to give them their money back.

As a result, average Americans are stuck in a depressed economy with high unemployment, declining wages, and an enormous income gap between rich and poor that will continue to produce a lower standard of living for years to come.

Progressives like Ralph Nader and Bernie Sanders have been railing about this problem for decades. So has yours truly. Unfortunately, the members of the mainstream news media, who are employed by the same super rich individuals and corporations that write the tax code and create the economic policies, are not only downplaying the rigged game, but currently repeating the free market mantra that the only way to balance our budget and improve our economy is through austerity, i.e., to cut entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

This is basically the same policy the Europeans have been pursuing for the past several years, and as we now know, it hasn’t worked. In fact, they are currently in the process of re-evaluating and changing it.

Nevertheless, Republicans in Congress are still adamant about cutting entitlements and not raising taxes on the rich, even in light of recent studies that have debunked the idea that austerity is the best way to balance the budget and create economic growth.

Anyone with half a brain knew this all along, of course. Unfortunately, many middle-class Americans bought into the free market scam under Ronald Reagan and went along with the idea until recently. Now, at long last, they’re waking up from their somnambulistic trance and beginning to realize they’ve been played for chumps all these years, just like the nine poker players in my hypothetical example.

Better late than never, of course. But will they be able to do anything about it? The Occupy movement was a good start, and it highlighted the country’s economic inequities and social problems. But it didn’t have the power to break the symbiotic relationship between our corrupt elected officials and the upper one percent.

In addition, although President Obama always talks a good game, he has done very little to confront the upper one percent in any substantive way. In fact, when you have Eric Holder, his craven attorney general, come out and declare that Big Banks are not only too big too fail, but too big to prosecute, all hope is lost. We’ve crossed the line from plutocracy to outright fascism.

The result is that average Americans are angry, bewildered, and depressed, but they don’t know what to do. How can they fight back? Signing petitions and attending rallies so far has done little to change the power structure in Washington. And sadly, many citizens have given up and are simply becoming inured to subsisting at a lower standard of living and working harder for less money, just like the horse in Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Is there any hope? Not in the short term. But don’t forget, all empires, especially those governed by a ruling class rife with greed and corruption and indifference to its own citizens, eventually fall of their own weight.

And the American Empire is no exception. The only question is how long will it take to tumble?

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Last Words: A Memoir
By George Carlin with Tony Hendra

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The Assassination of
Julius Caesar

By Michael Parenti

Award-winning author and scholar examines ancient Roman history from a populist viewpoint, arguing that Caesar was assassinated for being a champion
of the people.

A bone-chilling political
morality fable…

— Midwest Book Review

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Sunshine Assassins
By John F. Miglio
Controversial political thriller about a band of democratic rebels and their attempt to overthrow the corporate fascist shadow government in the USA…Read Reviews

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