Issue 4 – April 2006

Current Affairs Essay
Impeachment... Censure...Indictment... Whatever...George W. Bush Must Go by J. F. Miglio
Book of the Year 2005 (Nonfiction)
Bush on the Couch  By Justin A. Frank, M.D.
Book of the Year 2005 (Fiction)
Clearing Customs  By Martha Egan
Books of the Year 2004 (Nonfiction)
The Assassination of Julius Caesar  By Michael Parenti
The War on Freedom  By Nafeez Mossaddeq Ahmed
Crossing the Rubicon  By Michael Ruppert
Books of the Year 2004 (Fiction)
Candle in a Dark Time  By Virginia Stuart
My Life: A Story By Jesus Christ  By Christopher Miller
The Others at Monticello  By Esther Franklin
Recommended Reads
The Always Present  By Theodore & Renee Weiss
Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds of the Past and Present  By Richard A. Singer Jr.
The Menagerie: A Vision Journey  By Lawrence E. Kelly
The Culture Struggle  By Michael Parenti
Pleasant Hell  By John Dolan
Tiboli Taboo  By Christopher Howard
Cricket's Journey  By Barry T. Rubin
Custody of the Eyes  By Diamela Eltit
The Good I Stand On  By David Tucholski
Night Work  By Rush Williams
Backlot Requiem: A Rick Walker Mystery  By G.E. Nordell
The Devil's Halo  By Chris Fox
Early Zimbabwe: Memoir of a Quaker at Home in a Jesuit Mission  By Dyck W. Vermilye
Vietnam, No Regrets: One Soldier's Tour of Duty  By J. Richard Watkins

Recommended Reads

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The Always Present
By Theodore & Renee Weiss
“A tender, moving and fascinating memoir comprised, most originally, of letters and poems jointly written by a husband and wife clearly devoted to each other as to the life of the mind.”– Joyce Carol Oates

Your Daily Walk with the Great
Minds of the Past and Present

By Richard A. Singer Jr.
An inspirational guide to personal transformation and spiritual development that uses quotes of famous people and insightful advice for every day of the year.

The Menagerie: A Vision Journey
By Lawrence E. Kelly
Heartfelt poems about life, love and inspiration.

The Culture Struggle
By Michael Parenti
Insightful and provocative analysis of culture in modern society, including such topics as “Psychiatry as a Control Weapon,” “Slavery and Gentlemen Imperialists,” and “The Myth of Individuality.”

Pleasant Hell
By John Dolan
Witty and self-deprecating confessional about a misanthropic college professor’s life and struggle for meaning in a hostile and unforgiving world.

Tiboli Taboo
By Christopher Howard
Hard-hitting, realistic tale about an Army infantry team that steals a bizarre Mohammedan artifact and provokes the wrath of a centuries-old Moslem brotherhood.

Cricket’s Journey
By Barry T. Rubin
Beautifully illustrated book of philosophical lessons presented by Shao Lin priests to their young disciple, known as “Cricket,” on his journey to spiritual enlightenment.

Custody of the Eyes
By Diamela Eltit
Poetically written, avant-garde story of a family living amidst repression and perpetual surveillance in Augusto Pinochet’s Chile.

The Good I Stand On
By David Tucholski
Well-written, heartfelt story of how a young boy’s life is consumed by the events leading up to an old man’s death.

Night Work
By Rush Williams
Fast-paced narrative about a straight-laced company man who loses his job and learns some tough lessons about life as he helps solve a murder mystery.

Backlot Requiem: A Rick Walker Mystery
By G.E. Nordell
Hard-boiled murder mystery set in 1950s Los Angeles about a private investigator called in to solve a thirty-year-old murder case when a body is unearthed at a Hollywood studio.…Read Review

The Devil’s Halo
By Chris Fox
&nbsp Exciting spy thriller about the militarization of space and how even family members can become adversaries in the dangerous game of espionage and world domination.
…Read Review

Early Zimbabwe: Memoir of a Quaker at Home in a Jesuit Mission
By Dyck W. Vermilye
Engaging memoir about how a middle-aged man opens his eyes and discovers the truth about the human condition while living in Zimbabwe.

Vietnam, No Regrets: One Soldier’s Tour of Duty
By J. Richard Watkins
Gritty, true account of a soldier’s tour of duty and how he survived the killing fields of Vietnam.


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Impeachment… Censure…
Indictment… Whatever…
George W. Bush Must Go

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

— Thomas Jefferson

By J. F. Miglio

Millions of Americans want George W. Bush impeached. Senator Russ Feingold wants him censured. And Code Pink, the “Women for Peace” activist group, is collecting donations to indict him.

I guess old Dubyah has worn out his welcome. His approval ratings have never been lower and his lies regarding the Iraq war, torture and rendition, Hurricane Katrina, eavesdropping without a warrant, etc. are finally taking their toll.

Even many of his fellow conservatives are turning against him and his policies, including William F. Buckley Jr., the grand kleagle of the conservative movement, who concluded “the American objective in Iraq has failed.”

If you listen to progressive radio, callers are all but saying the “R” word. “Something’s gotta be done” is the quotidian refrain. In other words, if Bush keeps dragging down the country, “revolution” could be right around the corner.

Kevin Phillips, the former Republican aide to Richard Nixon and author of American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century, put it a little more delicately when he was interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!

“If I can make bold with your microphone for a minute,” he said, there should be some thought among everybody in the United States — progressives, conservatives, serious centrists, whatever you want to say — about how it becomes clear that this man really cannot function as president.”

He went on to say– and this is the part where he almost used the “R” word: “We need some kind of coalition government now. Before I get into too much trouble for this, let me go back to Britain between the wars, World War I and II, when they were really on the skids. The old parties lost their validity. They were fragmenting. There were small parties, third parties coming up. So they frequently governed by coalition governments.”

If you read between the lines, he’s saying the Democratic and Republican parties are no longer valid. They do not represent the needs of the people and are just pawns of special interest groups, like big oil conglomerates, weapons manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Of course, progressives have only been saying this for the LAST 30 YEARS!! But no one was listening. Now the general public is finally beginning to catch on that George W. Bush and his gang of cutthroat capitalist cronies have bankrupted the country, corrupted the political process, and taken all the loot for themselves.

And what happens when millions of Americans realize they’ve been played for saps? They don’t like it very much, and they look to their political parties to do something about it. And if their political parties are unresponsive to their needs, well, that’s what the Declaration of Independence is all about.

Most political observers would say we are not there yet, and that’s probably true. But with Bush in office for almost three more years– and how many more catastrophes during that time? — the country will get that much closer to the tipping point. This is why more and more people want him out of office, even some of his fellow Republican plutocrats.

In article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, it states, “The President, Vice-President and all other civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

In other words, if a president were convicted of a high crime, he would be impeached and removed from office. But how can a president be convicted of a high crime if he is not first indicted, tried, and found guilty?

Therefore, the indictment of George W. Bush and his entire crime family (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc.) may be the best solution at this time since censure is just a slap on the wrist and impeachment is not an option as long as the Republicans control both the House and Senate.

God knows there is a mountain of evidence to convict Bush and his badfellas of all kinds of high crimes and misdemeanors. The question is, will the Democratic and Republican power brokers have the wisdom and the balls to do whatever they need to do to get rid of these monsters?

Or will they continue to be feckless bystanders on the road of destiny as the tree of liberty once again becomes refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants?

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Book of the Year
(Nonfiction 2005)

OR Book of the 2005
Bush on the Couch
By Justin A. Frank, M.D.
A compelling and insightful look into George W. Bush’s psyche, and how his deep-seeded fears, insecurities, and megalomania have undermined the safety of our country.


Book of the Year
(Fiction 2005)

OR Books of the 2005
Clearing Customs
By Martha Egan
A sinister, yet amusing tale of an ex-hippie owner of a small, struggling Latin American imports store who joins with her friends to fight corrupt custom officials whose harassment threatens to put her out of business.


Books of the Year
(Nonfiction 2004)

OR Books of the 2004
The Assassination of
Julius Caesar

By Michael Parenti
Pulitzer-prize nominated author and scholar examines ancient Roman history from a populist viewpoint, arguing that Caesar was assassinated for being a champion of the people.

OR Books of the 2004
The War on Freedom
By Nafeez Mossaddeq Ahmed
Riveting and well-researched expose of how and why America was attacked on 9/11, including information about faked terrorism and mass media manipulation by the Bush administration.

OR Books of the 2004
Crossing the Rubicon
By Michael Ruppert
Hard-hitting, iconoclastic editor/publisher of “From the Wilderness” strips the power elite to the bone and takes a shocking look at the decline of the American empire at the end of the age of oil.


Books of the Year
(Fiction 2004)

OR Books of the 2004
Candle in a Dark Time
By Virginia Stuart
Compelling, emotionally charged story of how a Danish woman risks her life to save Jews from Nazis during World War II.

OR Books of the 2004
My Life: A Story
By Jesus Christ

By Christopher Miller
Innovative and provocative story of the life of Jesus Christ told as a first person narrative.

OR Books of the 2004
The Others at Monticello
By Esther Franklin
Award-winning historical novel that explores the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his slaves, especially Sally Hemings and her children.


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