[Above: A child celebrates the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France at the Louvre on May 7, 2017.]

Volume 10 2017

Issue 1 – May, 2017


You Did Not Dance: Why You Should Care About Russia and Jehovah’s Witnesses by Ben Comston


Dan Moldea: Rough Drafts of History

Andrew McCarron: The Capacity of Symbolization

Book Reviews

Borealis: A Vampire Romance (Book One in the Borealis Trilogy) by Ariana Parker

Death of a Kootch Show Girl by Corey Recko

Erotic Rights by Ivan Jenson

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

The Vaccine Race by Martha Wadman

Original Fiction and Poetry

At War in Pennsylvania: Pa. State Troopers Ambushed. One Dead by Bob Kornhiser

Mr. Marky and the Turtle by Terry Ip

The Princess and the Dodger Fan by David Martin

Thirteen Poems by Ivan Jenson

Five Poems by Kat Giordano

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