August 1, 2005

An Open Letter to Colin Powell: Blow the Whistle on the Bush Administration

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Dear Mr. Powell,

It’s long overdue– but still not too late– to tell America the truth and blow the whistle on the Bush administration.

No one else in George W. Bush’s inner circle of liars, crooks, and fanatics will do it because they are involved in the misdeeds and corruption themselves. So it’s up to you.

Growing up in a segregated society, you proved you could triumph over racial discrimination, and as a soldier you proved you had courage on the battlefield.

Later in life you became respected for your intelligence and forbearance and you gained the respect of many Americans, both black and white. At one point, there was even talk of you running for president.

But then you became George W. Bush’s Secretary of State and your reputation floundered, hitting its nadir when you gave that disgraceful speech to the United Nations that made the case for going to war in Iraq.

You must have known Bush was playing you for a sap and relying on your good reputation and credibility to sell an unnecessary war. But you did it anyway. Was it because you thought you had to be a good soldier and follow orders, or were you a willing participant in the Bush crime family? Was it the price you paid for becoming Secretary of State and getting your son Michael the chairmanship of the FCC? I can just hear Karl Rove explain the quid pro quo to Bush behind closed doors: The old man will help us sell the war while his idiot son helps us promote further ownership consolidation of the news and entertainment media.

Well, however it went down, you’re no longer Secretary of State, and your son is no longer head of the FCC. So now it’s time to redeem yourself, to recapture your mantle of integrity, to come clean and tell America the truth about George W. Bush and his neocon gang of murderous chicken hawks.

It has been reported by the Washington Post that theValerie Plame secret memo “was delivered to you on July 7, 2003, as you headed to Africa for a trip with President Bush aboard Air Force One.” Therefore, you knew who was on the plane that day and who saw the memo. (Did Bush himself see it?)

You must also know (or have a pretty good idea) who leaked the information to the press, and why it was leaked. But you know a lot more than that, don’t you, Mr. Powell? In fact, you could go to the heart of the matter and tell the truth about all the lies and distortions perpetrated by Bush and his propaganda ministers as they prepared for an unnecessary, pre-emptive war that has killed over 100,000 human beings and cost the U.S. taxpayer over $300 billion.

As of this writing, you haven’t officially commented on the Plame/Rove scandal, let alone the lies that led up to the Iraq war. Which is quite understandable since you were one of the propaganda ministers that led the country astray. And only a fool would implicate himself in a crime that he was involved in.

Unfortunately, you cannot escape the one inextricable truth: Had you refused to give your apocryphal speech at the United Nations that fateful day, the one that convinced many Americans it was necessary to go to war with Iraq, you could have changed the course of history. Had you resigned then and there and refused to do the bidding of George W. Bush, the war in Iraq may never have occurred.

After all, most Americans respected and trusted you — then. They would have believed you, and there would have been massive disapproval and protest about going to war in Iraq. You could have been a hero, the man who stopped the Bush crime family from leading the country down a path of death and destruction. You could have even assured yourself a spot for a future bid to become the President of the United States. In short, you “coulda been a contender.”

Instead you chose to go along with Bush for the short end money, and you took a dive like a washed up old fighter, ruining your reputation in the process. Does your conscience bother you at all? It should, quite a bit, in fact. But here’s a chance to make things right. All you have to do is reach down into your soul, grab your balls, and tell the truth about the Iraq war and the Plame memo, even if it means exposing your own guilt and duplicity. That’s what a real standup guy would do.

So take time out from that lucrative lecture circuit your on– you know, the one where you go from city to city and make speeches in front of your well-heeled fans who pay big money to take pictures with you and hear you regurgitate half-truths and platitudes.

Screw that hypocrisy! Call a press conference and tell America about all the lies and distortions and treachery of the Bush crime family. Blow the whistle on all of them, each and every one of those evil bastards. You’ll be a credit to your race, namely, the human race. You can do it, General! Your country needs you. It’s heading off a cliff.

You’ve heard the talk. You know your former boss and his neofascist henchmen have already discussed plans to drop a bunker-busting nuclear weapon on the Esfahan nuclear facility in Iran, which, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, would kill three million people in the first two weeks and tens of millions more as the radiation spreads around the globe.

So unless you’re ready for the rapture, you’d better make your move soon. Time is running out. Take charge soldier!!

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