May 31, 2017

Fan Poem for Penelope

By In Poetry and Fiction

Erik Wooten is a Southern California native and aspiring screenwriter, with passions for, among other things, reading, writing, classic movies, retro pop culture, and Joan Crawford.

Erik Wooten








Fan Poem for Penelope

She was fair-haired, a first girl of LA,
a Westside earth-child with the soul of humankind behind blue eyes
who walked into a lifetime of unremitting work
and owns a youth that never dies.
Such a proud little girl, daughter-knows-best at 10
But it was too much to ask to already support herself,
so instead she supported them.

From stage to screen, the trouper was a pleaser,
a beautiful soul in a dancer’s body, healthy, sweet, and pure.
Those haunted by the city’s first, the days of old in the air, understood her place –
but could she be sure?
Yet the camera loved her, maybe even sensing she was shy
She’d bring tears not to many, but to at least one –
and maybe someday it would be her turn to dry her eyes.

A Baby Jane without the gothic, having written letters to Daddy herself,
her fans enshrined her in their hearts.
They said, ‘You’re a special kind of person. I recognized that from the start.
You’ve accomplished so much already. Never quit. You’re much too smart.’
And she wished that she could have told them what she was much too young to know-
that those who comforted her in her Nightmare were like lights that really glowed.

In a city of angels, she was first among the crowd
And so being, she’s the last of a kind,
giving rise to another world of heroines and stars,
if only yet in the mind.
How many would see her heart-stopping scenes
from her heart somewhere between the Hills and the ocean—
Such love to behold sweet, blonde Pea.

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