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Issue 01 – January 2008

By In Volume 5 2008

Recommended Reads

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The New IQ: How Integrity Serves You, Your Relationships, and Our World
By David Gruder, Ph.D
Insightful primer on how to restore the virtue of integrity to all aspects of human behavior.

El Zarco: The Blue-Eyed Bandit
By Ignacio Manuel Altamirano
Turbulent story of passion and politics in 19th-century Mexico involving a love affair between an Indian hero and his Mestiza heroine.

Channeling the Apocalypse: From the Eighteenth Dynasty to the Current Incarnations
By Arthur Earl Jones, Ph.D
Spiritual source book that uses channeling and higher levels of consciousness to interpret the meaning of politics and human behavior.

Liberal Hearts and
Conservative Brains

By Ron Lipsman
Intriguing in-depth examination of the relationship between age and political philosophy in modern America.

Blind Faith
By Janet Clark
&nbsp Emotionally-charged story about a sexual abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic clergy as experienced through the eyes of young man and his family during the late sixties and early seventies.

Fooled Again
By Mark Crispin Miller
Every American should read this well-documented and comprehensive account of the nationwide election fraud that handed George W. Bush a second presidential election.

By Douglas A. Ames
Eye-opening fact-based thriller about how large energy utilities set out to destroy a small, cutting-edge technology company.

Stolen Without a Gun
By Walter Pavlo Jr. & Neil Weinberg
Fascinating true story about a corporate executive’s descent into corruption and white-collar crime.

Finding the Bloom of the
Cactus Generation

By Maggie Walters
Personalized exploration of the treatment senior citizens receive in today’s society and how to improve it.

The Madness of
George W. Bush

By Paul Levy
Insightful Jungian analysis of George W. Bush as reflected in our collective psychosis.

By Martha Egan
Provocative tale about a young Mexican-American woman who runs afoul of two Drug Enforcement agents who want to kill her.

Silent Battlefields
By Hugh Rosen
Well-written psychological tale about how the Holocaust and its aftermath lead to moral dilemmas and existential choices for a former Nazi soldier and a Jewish woman whose life he spared.
Read Review

Think Like a CEO
By Mark Kuta Jr.
Practical, detailed information about the tools one needs to sell to the executives of any company in today’s market.

The Food and Feelings Workbook
By Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed
A practical and detailed workbook on how to successfully overcome eating problems by learning to effectively and appropriately handle emotions.

Fixing American Healthcare
By Richard N. Fogoros, MD
Comprehensive analysis of the problems and challenges of health care in America today and suggestions how to fix it.
Read Review

Sojourners in a Strange Land
By Rochelle Arnold
A survivor of a rare form of cervical cancer tells her inspirational story of faith, prayer, and passion.

Peacemaker of the Pecos
By C.E. Edmonson
Gritty, fast-paced tale about a man with a hidden past who stands up to a ruthless land baron

in the Old West.

Dream of the Dragon Pool
A Daoist Quest

By Albert A. Dalia
An unforgettable tale about China’s best-loved poet-adventurer that blends magic, myth, and occult powers with fast-paced action.

The End of Sorrow: The Siege of Leningrad in World War II
By J.V. Love
Based on true events, a compelling account of Hitler’s 900-day siege of Leningrad and how the city’s inhabitants dealt with massive death and destruction…
Read Review

A Winter’s Vigil
By Norval Rindfleisch
Well-written, nostalgic tale about a young man’s apprenticeship at a movie theater in the early 1960s and the mentors who taught him about life.

Terrorism 101
By Leon Newton, Ph.D.
A library reference and selected annotated bibliography that describes how to fight terrorism not with bombs and bullets but by using experts in diplomacy, intelligence gathering, and crisis management.


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• Over 90 pages of inspired marketing ideas for small business owners and self-published authors.




Top 10 Most Disgraceful
Democrats of 2007

By John F. Miglio

There’s no point in doing a list like this on Republicans. Calling them disgraceful would be an improvement, kind of like calling Hitler misguided rather than evil. Ditto for conservative Democrats, who’ll share a special place in hell with their friends from across the aisle.

No, this list is reserved for the so-called liberal Democrats who were supposed to do the right thing after they won the House and Senate in the last election. It also includes those Democrats outside Congress who could have made a difference in 2007, who could have stood up to George W. Bush and the corporate power brokers of their own party, but didn’t.

10. Barack Obama: Pundits keep asking: Is this guy black enough for black voters? Jesus, he’s not even black enough for white voters– at least white progressive voters. He makes Tiger Woods look like Malcolm X. And after you get beyond all the feel-good rhetoric and adulation from Oprah, his positions on the important issues are not that much different than Hillary’s. Truth is, Obama is no Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. He’s not even Dennis Kucinich. He’s a well-rehearsed corporate-backed candidate we’re supposed to trust because he’s multi-cultural and can fit in with individuals of all races and income levels. In reality, he’s more at home at an upscale cocktail party than a down-home chicken wings and ribs barbeque.

9. Howard Dean: Poor Dean, he who once held so much promise, destroyed by the pezzonavante of the Democratic Party when he got too close to winning the nomination for president on a populist platform. So they torpedoed his campaign and replaced him with John Kerry, a patrician team player who knew his place and allowed George W. Bush to steal the presidential election of 2004 from right under his nose. After that, people wondered how Dean would react to the powerbrokers that cut his strings. Now we know– he works for them. AAARRRR!

8. Alan Colmes: He doesn’t really belong on this list, but since everyone else beats up on him, I guess I will too. He’s the wussy liberal guy on Hannity and Colmes who disgraces liberals on a daily basis by allowing his big-mouth right-wing partner to bitch slap him whenever he gets uppity. He’s so meek, even Al Franken and Jon Stewart kick the shit out of him. Just once I’d like to see Colmes lose his temper, jump out of his chair, and coldcock Hannity with a right cross– that’s assuming Colmes knows how to make a fist, of course.

7. Bill Clinton: For some reason, a lot of Democrats still think Bill Clinton was a great president. Actually he was a great president– a great Republican president masquerading as a Democrat. Am I being unfair to “The Great Triangulator”? OK, try this: Name one piece of major liberal legislation that came to fruition during his eight years in office? Can’t think of any? Proves my point. Now he hangs out with Bush Senior, makes a ton of money on speeches, and lies about his original position on Iraq to help his wife get elected. Is this a guy we should trust? Well, I guess we can trust him about as much as Hillary does.

6. Hillary Clinton: Same as Bill, only worse. A onetime Goldwater girl, Hillary is the more conservative of the two. Yet ironically, many Democrats, especially women, think she will right all the wrongs of the Bush regime if she becomes president. What they fail to realize is that on the three most important issues of our time– health care, the U.S. occupation of Iraq, and renewable energy– she’s almost as conservative as many Republicans. Not to mention the fact that in the last couple of years she’s been sucking up to the likes of Newt Gingrich and Rupert Murdoch. Perhaps once a Goldwater girl always a Goldwater girl!

5. John Conyers: Before the Dems took control of the Congress, Conyers was Mr. Tough Guy. Whenever the name of Bush or Cheney came up, he pounded his chest and assured everyone he was going to impeach their sorry asses! But once the Democrats took over, it was a different story. He went from being Jake La Motta to Nancy Pelosi’s hand puppet. And whenever he’s asked about this sudden turnabout, he sounds like he’s doing a Jackie Mason routine: I was going to impeach, I wanted to impeach, I forgot to impeach, it’s too late to impeach…

4. Chuck Schumer: After railing and blustering for hours on end against Alberto “Fredo” Gonzalez at the Senate hearings, everyone thought that once Gonzalez was out of the family business, Schumer would lead the charge to approve a decent Attorney General, not another sycophant to the Bush administration. Instead he caved in and voted in favor of Michael Mukasey for AG, even after Mukasey refused to say at the Senate hearings that water boarding was torture. Now his vote is coming home to roost as Mukasey refuses to appoint an independent counsel to investigate the missing torture tapes, letting the Bush gang off the hook yet again. Nice going, Chuck!

3. Diane Feinstein: Not only did Feinstein vote with Schumer to confirm Mukasey, she has often sided with Republicans to allocate money to continue the occupation of Iraq, to extend the US Patriot Act, and to exacerbate the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act (FISA). In addition, she has voted for appropriations worth billions of dollars to firms owned by her hubby, Richard C. Blum, to provide goods and services in Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite this egregious record, some people still think Feinstein is liberal. With liberals like this, who needs conservatives!

2. Harry Reid: Last year, when it came time for the Democrats to choose a tough, take-no-prisoners-style Senate Majority Leader, someone imposing enough to stand up to the Bush high command and use the position as a bully pulpit to restore democracy in America, who immediately came to mind? Why, Harry Reid, of course, a guy who looks like Stan Laurel and is about as imposing as Soupy Sales. Which probably explains why after a year on the job, his approval rating is 27% among voters nation-wide. So I guess it’s just not me; most Americans are not wild about Harry either. It’s a shame, because he seems like a decent person. Unfortunately, you don’t send a guy with a knife to a gunfight.

And the Number One Most Disgraceful Democrat of 2007–

1. Nancy Pelosi: Sorry, I should say, Nancy “Impeachment Is off the Table” Pelosi. When she first became Speaker of the House, liberals had high hopes for her. Here was a tough liberal from San Francisco, the most liberal of liberal cities in America, who was going to come in, read Bush the riot act, and change the course of history. But instead of getting Joan of Arc, we got Joan Rivers, only without the jokes.

Actually, at first I thought it was a joke when Pelosi refused to bring impeachment proceedings against Bush and when she wouldn’t cut funding for the occupation of Iraq. But then I realized it was true. The Democrats were going to take a dive again, even though they were in charge of the fight!

What can one say about such disgraceful behavior? Not much, I’m afraid, other than to reiterate what progressive critics have been saying for decades– there ain’t much difference between the Democratic and Republican parties since they’re both bought and paid for by the same corporate interests.

Oh, yeah, one more thing: Now we know why the current Speaker of the House wears a dress and is called Nancy.

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Featured Book

A bone-chilling political
morality fable…

— Midwest Book Review

Sunshine Assassins by John F. Miglio


Buy Sunshine Assassins by John F. Miglio
Sunshine Assassins
By John F. Miglio
Controversial political thriller about a band of democratic rebels and their attempt to overthrow the corporate fascist shadow government in the USA…Read Reviews

Listen to J.F. Miglio discuss Sunshine Assassins and other issues on
Radio Power Network’s podcast archives.


Book of the Year
(Nonfiction 2007)

OR Book of the year 2007
Fooled Again
By Mark Crispin Miller

Every American should read this well-documented and comprehensive account of the nationwide election fraud that handed George W. Bush a second
presidential election.


Book of the Year
(Fiction 2007)

OR Book of the Year 2007
Dream of the Dragon Pool
A Daoist Quest

By Albert A. Dalia

An unforgettable tale about China’s best-loved poet-adventurer that blends magic, myth, and occult powers with
fast-paced action.


Book of the Year
(Nonfiction 2006)

OR Book of the year 2006
Your Daily Walk with the Great
Minds of the Past and Present

By Richard A. Singer Jr.

A terrific inspirational guide to personal transformation and spiritual development that uses quotes of famous people and insightful advice for every day of the year.


Book of the Year
(Fiction 2006)

OR Book of the Year 2006
Hollywood and Sunset
By Luke Salisbury

Witty and well written story about a writer from the East who takes a life-altering tour of 1916 Hollywood– in the company of D.W. Griffith, Lillian Gish, and Howard Gaye, an actor who likes to dress up as Jesus Christ.


Book of the Year
(Nonfiction 2005)

OR Book of the Year 2005
Bush on the Couch
By Justin A. Frank, M.D.

A compelling and insightful look into George W. Bush’s psyche, and how his deep-seeded fears, insecurities, and megalomania have undermined the safety of our country.


Book of the Year
(Fiction 2005)

OR Books of the Year 2005
Clearing Customs
By Martha Egan

A sinister, yet amusing tale of an ex-hippie owner of a small, struggling Latin American imports store who joins with her friends to fight corrupt custom officials whose harassment threatens to put her out of business.


Books of the Year
(Nonfiction 2004)

OR Books of the Year 2004
The Assassination of
Julius Caesar

By Michael Parenti

Award-winning author and scholar examines ancient Roman history from a populist viewpoint, arguing that Caesar was assassinated for being a champion of the people.

OR Books of the Year 2004
The War on Freedom
By Nafeez Mossaddeq Ahmed

Riveting and well-researched expose of how and why America was attacked on 9/11, including information about faked terrorism and mass media manipulation by the Bush administration.

OR Books of the Year 2004
Crossing the Rubicon
By Michael Ruppert

Hard-hitting, iconoclastic editor/publisher of “From the Wilderness” strips the power elite to the bone and takes a shocking look at the decline of the American empire at the end of the age of oil.


Books of the Year
(Fiction 2004)

OR Books of the Year 2004
Candle in a Dark Time
By Virginia Stuart

Compelling, emotionally charged story of how a Danish woman risks her life to save Jews from Nazis during World War II.

OR Books of the Year 2004
My Life: A Story
By Jesus Christ

By Christopher Miller

Innovative and provocative story of the life of Jesus Christ told as a first person narrative.

OR Books of the 2004
The Others at Monticello
By Esther Franklin

Award-winning historical novel that explores the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his slaves, especially Sally Hemings and her children.

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