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Issue 06 – July 2007

By In Volume 4 2007

Recommended Reads

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Terrorism 101
By Leon Newton, Ph.D.
A library reference and selected annotated bibliography that describes how to fight terrorism not with bombs and bullets but by using experts in diplomacy, intelligence gathering, and crisis management.

The Final Human
By David M.Yourtee

[email protected]
An engaging search for higher meaning in life that challenges rational thinking about the value and future of humans.

Warming the Stone Children
By Christine Sandor
A shocking true story of mother-daughter sexual abuse and eventual spiritual healing.

The Bible’s Cover Stories Revealed: The Golden Keys That Unlock History
By Arthur Earl Jones, Ph.D
An illustrated historical treatise that purports to solve the puzzle of Egypt’s 18th Dynasty and resolves the riddle of Judeo-Christian religion by using an apocalyptic revelation of
the akashic records.

Remembrances of Times Past
By Marta Hiatt
A nostalgic collection of stories and photographs recalling life in the early part of the 20th century.

Apollo 21
By Frank Hogan
&nbsp An exciting thriller about a murderer on board a lunar space flight.

By Frank Hogan
A suspenseful thriller about a space shuttle that has been hijacked.

There Is No Key to Happiness,
The Door is Always Open

By Marc Gohres
A common-sense guide to happiness based on personal experience and wisdom
from the ages.

A Bedroom Occupation:
Love Elegies

By Mark Scott
Lyrical, heartfelt poems about love, passion, and relationships.

Millennial Harvest: Life and
Collected Poems

By Charles Greenleaf Bell
A towering, intellectual book of essays, poems, and personal narrative in the tradition of Dante’s La Vita Nova.

Wearing the Spider
By Susan Schaab
A fast-paced, high-tech thriller about a female attorney who gets caught in a web of sexual harassment, identity theft,
and political intrigue.

A View from the Cheap Seats
By Ryan Latimer
Advice and opinions about life from a 23-year-old who views the world
from the cheap seats.

How to Start a Virtual
Bankruptcy Assistant Service

By Victoria Ring
Comprehensive manual on how to start your own business working as a virtual bankruptcy assistant for attorneys nationwide.

Coyote Jack
By Jack Lyndon Thomas
Compelling personal account of a soldier’s experiences and adventures in Vietnam that led him to a fuller and more meaningful understanding of life.


If you are an independent, small press, or traditional publisher and would like to submit your book(s) for consideration to “Recommended Reads,”

click here.


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the 20th of each month.


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• Influential democracy in action group
• The “Unconventional wisdom since 1865.”
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• People for the American Way


Asthma Sufferers Beware!
Price of Albuterol Skyrockets;
Replacement Inhalers Present
Problems & Danger to Public

“In a place where life had no meaning,
death sometimes had its price.”

For a Few Dollars More

By J. F. Miglio

For the 20 million plus individuals in the United States who suffer from asthma, the prescription drug albuterol is their lifeline, their primary support system to keep breathing when undergoing an asthma attack.

The drug itself has been available in the United States since 1980 and has been sold under a variety of brand names, including Proventil and Ventolin. Of all the current drug treatments designed to help breathing problems, such as sudden shortness of breath, wheezing, and asthma seizures, albuterol is the safest and most effective on the market. In addition, millions of people use the drug and depend on it– sometimes for life itself.

When albuterol went generic years ago, the price of the drug dropped dramatically, and up until this year, asthma sufferers who didn’t have health insurance could purchase albuterol inhalers for a little over $6 a piece at large discount pharmacies, like Sam’s Club.

Unfortunately, those days are over. Since the beginning of 2007, the price of albuterol has skyrocketed to $31 per inhaler at large discounters. Smaller pharmacies charge a lot more, and even customers who have health insurance that include prescription drugs do not escape the high cost. Many of them are paying up to $20 in co-payments.

According to the pharmaceutical industry, the reason for the price spike is that albuterol inhalers use chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as propellants for their oral delivery system, and CFCs are one of the substances that are in violation of the Montreal Protocol, an international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer. As a consequence, albuterol inhalers that use CFCs need to be phased out by Dec. 31, 2008, and replaced with a more environmentally friendly propellant.

Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Just put the same albuterol formula without CFC propellants into new inhalers, phase out the old inhalers, and phase in the new ones using a more environment-friendly propellant. Ostensibly, this is what the good folks at Schering Plough and GlaxoSmithKline, the two major producers of albuterol, have been doing since the beginning of the year.

But there are problems. The new albuterol inhaler, which uses hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) instead of CFC to propel its mist into a user’s lungs, is no longer available as a generic drug. You see, according to drug company logic, the exact same drug that used to be a generic is no longer a generic because it comes in a different container! As a result, albuterol has gone back to being proprietary to the companies that produce it under different brand names.

In other words, what used to cost customers $6 for albuterol (CFC) now costs them $31 for albuterol (HFA). But what justification is there to charge over five times as much for the same drug with a different inhaler? Big Pharma does not have a good answer for this except to say, “Well, you know, we had to switch delivery systems, and it costs us money to do that.”

Okay� but over five times as much? When I checked with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about this apparent price gouging, their representative told me they couldn’t help me because “we don’t regulate the cost of drugs.” Ditto with the American Pharmacists Association (APA).

“But don’t you think this is price gouging?” I asked a spokeman for the APA. “It’s not up to me to decide,” the spokesman replied. “We live in a free market economy and the drug companies can charge whatever they want.”

Yeah, free market– free for multinational drug companies to gouge American citizens, and free for these same companies to pay off politicans to make sure they can continue to keep gouging American citizens without government intervention. As Bernie Sanders, the feisty independent Senator from Vermont, has stated many times: The drug companies have one of the most powerful lobbies in the country and have the highest margin of profit of all major corporations.

Of course, the price gouging is only part of the story. The new HFA albuterol inhaler is a different formula than the older CFC version, and it includes drugs that were absent from the previous one, including sulfates and ethanol. As a result, thousands of asthma inhaler users from all across the country have reported problems with the new HFA inhaler, from not being as effective as the old CFC version to having side effects that are dangerous and life-threatening. In response to this widespread dissatisfaction, Web sites and chat rooms are springing up online filled with horror stories about asthma sufferers using the new product.

For example, a mother from Gale Cross, Indiana, wrote on a NO HFA Web site: “My son is now at risk. I stood beside him when he used the HFA inhaler for the first time. His air passages started to tighten immediately, coughing, etc. He had to use his nebulizing machine with chromolyn-sodium and albuterol solution to counter the HFA inhaler. He was irritated the rest of the day and worried this is supposed to be the future emergency treatment for an attack…when it caused an attack! Release the ban on CFC inhalers immediately!!!!”

As a result of these potentially life-threatening experiences, a petition is currently being circulated online by The National Organization of Asthma and COPD Patients calling for an end to HFA albuterol propellants. There is also talk about a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of the new albuterol HFA.

For more information, go to:

I wish I could say I am shocked by the fact that multinational drug companies are not only price gouging asthma sufferers but also endangering their lives at the same time. But I’m not. In fact, this is par for the course in our brave new world of “free trade” where multinational companies supersede governments and the will of the people, where short-term profits and greed control corporate decision making, and where human lives are expendable.


Featured Book

A bone-chilling political
morality fable…

— Midwest Book Review

Sunshine Assassins by John F. Miglio

Buy Sunshine Assassins by John F. Miglio


Buy Sunshine Assassins by John F. Miglio
Sunshine Assassins
By John F. Miglio
Controversial political thriller about a band of democratic rebels and their attempt to overthrow the corporate fascist shadow government in the USA…Read Reviews

Listen to J.F. Miglio discuss Sunshine Assassins and other issues on
Radio Power Network.

(When you get to Web site, hit download, wait until it loads, then slide indicator half-way across program on Windows Media Player or Real Player to hear Mr. Miglio’s portion of the show.)


Book of the Year
(Nonfiction 2006)

OR Book of the year 2006
Your Daily Walk with the Great
Minds of the Past and Present

By Richard A. Singer Jr.

A terrific inspirational guide to personal transformation and spiritual development that uses quotes of famous people and insightful advice for every day of the year.


Book of the Year
(Fiction 2006)

OR Book of the Year 2006
Hollywood and Sunset
By Luke Salisbury

Witty and well written story about a writer from the East who takes a life-altering tour of 1916 Hollywood– in the company of D.W. Griffith, Lillian Gish, and Howard Gaye, an actor who likes to dress up as Jesus Christ.


Book of the Year
(Nonfiction 2005)

OR Book of the Year 2005
Bush on the Couch
By Justin A. Frank, M.D.

A compelling and insightful look into George W. Bush’s psyche, and how his deep-seeded fears, insecurities, and megalomania have undermined the safety of our country.


Book of the Year
(Fiction 2005)

OR Books of the Year 2005
Clearing Customs
By Martha Egan

A sinister, yet amusing tale of an ex-hippie owner of a small, struggling Latin American imports store who joins with her friends to fight corrupt custom officials whose harassment threatens to put her out of business.


Books of the Year
(Nonfiction 2004)

OR Books of the Year 2004
The Assassination of
Julius Caesar

By Michael Parenti

Award-winning author and scholar examines ancient Roman history from a populist viewpoint, arguing that Caesar was assassinated for being a champion of the people.

OR Books of the Year 2004
The War on Freedom
By Nafeez Mossaddeq Ahmed

Riveting and well-researched expose of how and why America was attacked on 9/11, including information about faked terrorism and mass media manipulation by the Bush administration.

OR Books of the Year 2004
Crossing the Rubicon
By Michael Ruppert

Hard-hitting, iconoclastic editor/publisher of “From the Wilderness” strips the power elite to the bone and takes a shocking look at the decline of the American empire at the end of the age of oil.


Books of the Year
(Fiction 2004)

OR Books of the Year 2004
Candle in a Dark Time
By Virginia Stuart

Compelling, emotionally charged story of how a Danish woman risks her life to save Jews from Nazis during World War II.

OR Books of the Year 2004
My Life: A Story
By Jesus Christ

By Christopher Miller

Innovative and provocative story of the life of Jesus Christ told as a first person narrative.

OR Books of the 2004
The Others at Monticello
By Esther Franklin

Award-winning historical novel that explores the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his slaves, especially Sally Hemings and her children.

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