November 1, 2005

Mainstream Media Still Won’t Discuss the Real Reason for the War in Iraq

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“All right, I’ll explain it so even a dumb head like you can understand.” – Fred C. Dobbs

It’s no secret the way business is done in the United States regarding public policy, and although many politicians are loath to admit it, the process works like this: Huge multinational corporations like Exxon and Halliburton and influential think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute (who are funded primarily by large corporations) give directives to their handpicked political operatives– in this case George W. Bush and Dick Cheney– about what they want in the way of foreign and domestic policy, i.e., what benefits them financially, even if it means subverting democracy and screwing millions of Americans in the process.

Bush and Cheney then tell their subordinates– Karl Rove and Lewis Libby– to carry out their masters’ wishes. As a result, Rove and Libby concoct strategies to carry out these policies and leak carefully scripted propaganda to their handpicked contacts in the mainstream news media– like Robert Novak and Judy Miller.

The tragically uninformed American public listens to the mainstream news, believes the propaganda, and supports the policy. Only this time the Republican propaganda machine went a little haywire, and Libby and Miller got caught lying. And now that Libby has been indicted, all hell has broken loose,

and at long last our intrepid reporters from the mainstream news are “on the story–” about three years too late, and three years behind the alternative press.

It goes without saying that if members of the mainstream news had done their jobs in the first place, and reported the real reasons the Bush administration wanted to invade Iraq, there never would have been a war because Americans would have rejected it. Imagine, for a moment, if all the major newspapers and television news shows had given these reasons– and not the ones Bush and company fabricated– to go to war in Iraq.

Reason #1: It’s the oil, stupid!

If there ever were an example of Occam’s razor, it’s this one. For years it’s been well known that the planet is beginning to run out of oil and that Iraq is sitting on top of some of the richest oil deposits in the world. It’s also well known that despite global warming and air pollution, companies like Exxon are not about to support clean and safe renewable energy on a mass scale until they can extract every last drop of oil from the earth.

As a result, the oil lobby gave George W. Bush this directive: Get rid of that pain-in-the-ass Saddam Hussein so we can glom his oil. We haven’t been bankrolling you and your family for the last 50 years for nothing! Got it, Georgie boy?

Reason #2: Big bucks for the military/industrial complex!

Halliburton alone has made billions off no-bid contracts in Iraq, and its stock price has tripled since the beginning of the war. And other companies like the Carlyle Group and Bechtel ain’t doing bad either.

So this is what lobbyists for the military/industrial complex told Dick Cheney: Let’s face it, Dick, the world would be a better place without Saddam Hussein, so make sure you and your boys start a war in Iraq as soon as possible. That way we can make billions from servicing U.S. military operations and mass producing weapons for the troops. You know you owe us. After all, you don’t think you got to be CEO of Halliburton and walk off with millions because of your good looks, do you?

Reason #3: Protect Israel at all costs!

The neocons thought this one up years ago and finally hit pay dirt with an administration rife with nutty evangelical Christians and hard-line Zionists.

And so lobbyists for right-wing Christians and Jews told Bush and Cheney something like this: Since it’s okay with the multinational oil companies and the military/industrial complex, we sure would appreciate it if you could drive that bastard Saddam Hussein from power and take over Iraq. And then maybe Syria and Iran and well, you get the idea.

Reason #4: Saddam did try to kill my dad!

This is the weakest argument of the four, but it’s still a factor. The idiot son, whose life’s motto has always been “Nothing succeeds like failure!” had to try to beat out his dad and show him that he could do something the old man couldn’t, namely capture or kill Saddam Hussein, take over Iraq, and alienate everyone else in the world.

But there was a problem. The Bush Crime Family knew that Americans would never go to war based on enriching Corporate America or catering to the delusions of the neocons or the megalomania of George W. Bush. So like all good criminals, they concocted an apocryphal, yet scary scenario to sell to the American public about mushroom clouds and WMD and imaginary links to Al Qaeda. None of it was true, of course– and they knew it wasn’t true, let’s be clear about that– but they shamefully conflated 9/11 with Saddam Hussein and Iraq, and the American public bought it.

So did some of the influential Democrats– or so they claim. But is it reasonable to believe that seasoned lawyers like John Kerry and John Edwards really believed and trusted Bush when he went to the Congress with his war resolution for Iraq? Very unlikely. Probably closer to the truth is that they voted for the resolution because they didn’t want to look like wussies when they ran for president. Which is why they have been harshly criticized by Progressives, who didn’t buy Bush’s story from the beginning and– unlike the mainstream news media– warned anyone who was willing to listen that the war in Iraq was a monumental mistake.

Ironically, even today, even after Libby’s indictment, even after more questions have come to light about the Bush Crime Family’s involvement with the phony Niger documents, mainstream news reporters are still reluctant to discuss the real reasons we went to war in Iraq.

But stay tuned. The unraveling of the truth about why we went to war is just beginning. And the cockroaches are just starting to show their beady little eyes from the cracks in the woodwork.

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