August 23, 2017

Once We Were the Light and Sun

By In Poetry and Fiction

In addition to Gary Cripps’ occasional forays into the gentle arts of Prose and Poetry, he is an aficionado of well-crafted narrative and an underemployed screenwriter living in Toronto, Canada.


once we were the light and sun

the bright and fresh promise of new life

bespoke with potential and purpose

clay upon the wheel


forging through the forest

the moon and stars ours for the taking

we built our lives and loves with passion

with hopes of greatness


withstanding storm and tempest

giving all with faith hope heart and truth

the structure of ourselves set

content in our souls


fighting to make our voice heard

sharing our lives with those around us

our paths a testament to plans

realized or not


now twilight sets the light dims

reflections come and whisper to us

we measure and value them

and question our dreams


once we were the light and sun

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