July 11, 2017

Reina y Bufon

By In Poetry and Fiction

I called you ‘Queen’ and then you called me ‘King’

Haha! I’m just the jester at your court

Laughter I’m to bring, songs I am to sing

Grinning pity’s your rifle; I’m your sport

Fire away! I’ll bleed out at song’s end

Reincarnate, I’ll breathe for one more joke

To die again, to rise again, to bend,

To break under your entertainment’s yoke

If I’m a king, then where’s my bejeweled crown?

Mistaking my voice for royalty’s flute,

You merely mock me. Spread my melody ’round

‘Long with my name, for fame’s sake once I’m mute!

I’m your game, labor, and beloved buffoon

Pay me, kill me, remember my tune

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