December 1, 2006

Time to Be Bold & Enact Progressive Legislation

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Listen up, Democrats! Now that you’ve recaptured the House and Senate, it’s time for you to start acting like real Democrats again and push through massive reform legislation that benefits average Americans and not multinational corporations and greedy plutocrats.

At the same time, you need to begin impeachment proceedings against the Bush administration and set up congressional hearings to investigate six years worth of corruption, larceny, and constitutional malfeasance committed by Republican rule.

I’m basically talking to you, mainstream Democrats: the Clinton-Kerry-Schumer-Emmanuel-Big Corporate Money wing of the Democratic Party, i.e., those of you who have acted like Republican Lites for the last six years and rolled over for almost everything the Bush administration wanted.

I’m not talking to you liberal Democrats: the Pelosi-Boxer-Conyers-Dean-populist wing of the Democratic Party. You have fought the good fight in the face of overwhelming odds for the last six years and deserve a lot of credit for it.

We progressives know you will do the right thing in 2007 and you have our support. But can you convince the mainstream Democrats to push a liberal/progressive agenda for 2007?

One thing is for sure, if you mainstream Democrats continue to act like Republican Lites and back off from progressive legislation, or refuse to start impeachment proceedings, or postpone congressional hearings on torture, wiretapping, or any other illegal or unconstitutional behavior perpetrated by the Bush administration for the last six years, we progressives will be at our computers, on the radio and television, and in the streets, holding your feet to the fire. And we will be just as tough– if not tougher– on you in 2007 as we have been on the Republicans for the past six years.

And what do we progressives want?

Well, I was about to make out a Christmas wish list, but a fellow progressive, Rob Kall, the editor/publisher of Op/Ed News, has already written an excellent one that every Democrat (and American) should read.


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