January 1, 2007

Top 10 News Stories the Mainstream Media Ignored

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The Online Review of Books & Current Affairs (OR) has been in business now for three years. The ten news stories listed below are the most important ones the mainstream news media (MNM) have ignored during that time.

10. National Renewable Energy:
Although the MNM have finally begun to report the danger of global warming (about 30 years too late, of course), they still refuse to do in-depth reporting and analysis about the feasibility of renewable energy and how we could all be living in photoelectric homes and driving electric cars were it not for the omnipotence and greed of the fossil fuels industry and the obtuseness of automobile manufacturers. I’ve been writing about this subject for over 25 years, but the mass public has been tuned out. Which is why they believe the corporate myths that photovoltaic technology, wind turbines, and electric cars are better suited for Flash Gordon films and the delusions of environmental extremists. Check out the OR version of reality.

Can Renewable Energy Rise from the Ashes as a Hot Political Issue?

9. The Unwinnable War on Terrorism: When members of the MNM were tripping over themselves after 9/11 to report George W. Bush’s lies and propaganda about the phony war on terrorism, they missed the real story. Fortunately, yours truly didn’t.

The United States Cannot Win the War On Terrorism with Its Military.

8. The Criminal Nature of the Bush Administration: Even after six years of lies, larceny, wiretapping, torture, and constitutional malfeasance, mainstream news reporters still cover the Bush administration as if it’s a legitimate government organization instead of a second-rate crime family. Lucky for you the OR is not that stupid.

Loyalty, Lies and Lots of Loot Link “Badfellas” of Bush Administration

7. The Truth about 9/11:
Despite hundreds of unanswered questions and glaring inconsistencies about that tragic day, the MNM still haven’t touched the story. I guess they think the 9/11 Commission Report “closes” the case, just like the Warren Commission “closed” the Kennedy assassination. As a result, only “conspiracy nuts” like me are willing to offer alternative viewpoints and information.

Will the Mainstream News Media Ever Expose the Truth About 9/11?

6. The Real Reasons We Went to War in Iraq: Can you say brain dead? It’s been obvious from the very beginning why we invaded Iraq, yet the MNM refuse to analyze the real reasons why the Bush administration went to war in the first place, why we are still there, and why we will remain there for the foreseeable future.

Mainstream Media Still Won’t Discuss The Real Reasons for War in Iraq

Real Reason George W. Bush Will Not Withdraw U.S. Troops from Iraq

5. The Call for Bush’s Resignation: After Bill Clinton was caught lying about whether he had sex with Monica Lewinsky, many of the nation’s top newspapers, including USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Seattle Times, called for “Slick Willie’s” resignation. Alas, not one major newspaper in America so far has called for George W. Bush to step down. I guess in the eyes of the MNM, lying about getting a blowjob is worse than lying about the reasons to go to war and killing thousands of innocent people in the process.

Impeachment… Censure…
Indictment… Whatever…
George W. Bush Must Go

4. National Health Care: Other than to demonize it as “socialized medicine,” or recount the old insurance company saw about how long everyone will wait in line to see a doctor, the MNM have been ignoring this story ever since Harry Truman. Nevertheless, in California this year, the Legislature passed SB 840, a universal health care plan, only to have it vetoed by the Golden State’s leading insurance lobby sycophant and resident muscle head, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ironic, isn’t it, that Arnold tripped over his own skis and broke his leg while skiing over the Christmas holidays. I hope he gets the karmic message when SB 840 is re-introduced in 2007.

Universal Health Care
Bill Introduced to Cover
All Residents of State

3. The Apathy of the American Public: The MNM can’t wait to cover the next Britney Spears or Paris Hilton debacle or force feed the latest numbskull reality show to the mass public while never having the vision or decency to inform them that their democracy is turning into a Roman Coliseum right before their eyes. Good thing the OR isn’t blind.

Time for Americans to Accept
Responsibility for Their Own
Apathy and Misinformation

2. Real Campaign Finance Reform: Whatever happened to crusading journalism? Progressive reporters have been saying for decades that we need to take the money and corruption out of the political campaign system, but the MNM have never deigned to take up the cause. Yes, sir, don’t want to lose all that lucrative advertising money come election time. Might have to cut down CEO perks by a few million.

Real Campaign Finance Reform: Only Solution for Fair U.S. Elections

And the number one news story the MNM ignored during the past three years:

1. The Rigged Presidential Election of 2004: Brought to you by Diebold and the Republican Party, the rigged presidential election of 2004 was the crowning achievement of George W. Bush. Naturally, the MNM have continued to repeat the lie that Bush won the election “fair and square,” even though there are thousands of pages of documentation on how the election was stolen.

Was the Presidential
Election Between Bush
And Kerry Rigged?

How Democrats Enabled
Republicans to Steal the
2004 Presidential Election

Not to brag, but the OR was one of the first– if not the first online publication– to question the validity of the 2004 election. Our story received tens of thousands of page views, was picked up by dozens of online publications, and it sparked enormous controversy and discussion throughout the blogosphere.

So I guess you can say we’ve done our part to speak truth to power since we first appeared on the Internet three years ago. And we will continue this policy into 2007. Maybe this is the year the MNM will catch up to us and finally start reporting the truth as well– yeah, we all believe that, don’t we!

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